Merle Don Aaron, Sr.

The Honorable Mayor


Allan Steagall

Council Member

Norman Funderburk

Council Member

Ray Calfee

Council Member

David Ray Pierce

Council Member

Andy Curry

Council Member

Darrell Boeske

Jason Stuebe

The purpose of the Office of City Manager is to provide plans, controls, direction, and coordination to the activities and functions of all City departments, resources, personnel, capital and projects of the City.

  • The City Manager exercises leadership in maintaining effective communication between the City Council, City employees, and the citizens of Humble.  As the City’s Chief Executive Officer, the City Manager helps develop the City’s goals, implements policies, and oversees legislative processes.
  • The City Manager also formulates, reviews, and submits the annual budget to the City Council for adoption.  This office helps to preserve and enhance the quality of life for the Citizens of Humble.
  • The City Manager also performs other duties as assigned by the City Council.