• Stacey Williams


  • Kevin Emerson



Phone: (281) 446-2327


The City of Humble’s streets and drainage system covers approximately ten (10) square miles that serves a population of 15,800. ┬áThe Street Department is responsible for the safe operation conditions of city streets, bridges, drainage ditches and storm sewers, street lighting, traffic control signals and signs, mosquito spraying, street sweeping, trimming limbs from right-of-ways and in addition we over see new construction and rehabilitation of streets and drainage.

The Street Department Staff is dedicated to provide the highest quality and cost effective solutions for street maintenance, drainage and infrastructure services. ┬áThe Department staff conducts a complex schedule of regular maintenance in each of these areas and responds to problems as they occur–sometimes on an emergency basis.

If you need assistance or need to report a problem, please contact the Public Works Department at 281-446-2327.