On behalf of the 15,000 residents of our city, I wish to welcome you to Humble, a city steeped in rich history and strategically located for continued growth and success.

Established as a small dusty logging, cattle and later oil-boom town, Humble has come a way as a community in its 130 plus year history – history you can still see today as you walk through our old downtown, visit the Charles Bender High School Performing Arts Center, or Lembrecht’s Artesian Well. However, we have never been a city that rests on it laurels as Humble has rapidly established itself as a major commercial and retail hub for northern Houston metropolitan area – making Humble uniqueness located at the corner of progress and history.

As Humble continues to grow it is important that we as a city organization provide the absolute best in terms of core services to our residents. I am committed to enduring that Humbles roads and infrastructure are improved and maintained to keep pace with increased demand; that our fire and police protection are adequate to keep our families safe; and that the city maintains a business environment that welcomes new investment into our community.

Whether you are a long-time resident, new comer or one of our many visitors, our professional courteous staff is here to assist you and takes great pride in providing fast, reliable and quality municipal services, don’t hesitate to contact us at 28-446-3067 or visit┬áCity Hall at 114 W. Higgins in Humble.

With kindest personal regards,

merle signature

Merle Don Aaron, Sr.
The Mayor of the City of Humble